Preventing the Predictable

Founded in 2009, Riskboss™ engages in comprehensive, objective and independent risk assessments as well as other industry unique risk identification/mitigation strategies and processes. It is our primary goal to identify and mitigate risk to greatly improve the safety and satisfaction of communities and organizations. The Riskboss team of professionals fully understands the organizational risk landscape in the private, public, residential and commercial landscapes. This experience assists Riskboss to deliver intuitive and superior client service that mitigates risk to boards, managers and corporations. Riskboss regularly contributes articles on risk identification, risk management, and risk mitigation in such publications as Canadian Security Magazine, CCI: Condo Voice Magazine, Condo Business Magazine and Condo News Magazine. Regularly called upon as guest speakers, members of the Riskboss team present to, and engage with, property management firms on risk identification techniques, and risk management/risk mitigation practices. Riskboss routinely publishes Riskboss Alerts on topical, high-risk issues. Riskboss is routinely called upon by law firms to assist with complicated process and risk related cases. Riskboss has and continues to work with government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Preventing the Predictable

Riskboss™ was incorporated in 2009 with the one goal: to identify, mitigate and manage the risk of our clients.

The Riskboss team is made-up of service professionals with over thirty-five (35) years of experience in community-based policing, crime management, municipal by-law enforcement, business planning, process re-engineering, security, governance creation and management, emergency management and residential condominium board oversight and representation.

Samsonshield clients have access to a wide-array of Riskboss services provided at no extra charge! These Comprehensive Independent Condominium Risk Assessment Report which is quickly becoming the benchmark standard in the industry for identifying risk.

Our experts will go through and examine your property from top to bottom, inside and out to generate a report that will give you a clear picture about where your risk potential lies, along with specific recommendations on how you can mitigate it.

We will then go through the report with you and assist you every step of the way in reducing your risk

Find out more about how Riskboss™ can help you start reducing your risk today!