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Breaking the Mold in Condominium Security Services

Samsonshield's range of hospitality and security offerings for luxury condominiums flies in the face of traditional security solutions. In choosing to deploy Samsonshield professionals at your luxury property, your board is making a unique statement about luxury, distinction and a commitment to world-class service.

Samsonshield personnel are an extraordinary team of individuals, hand-picked by our leadership team for their genuine commitment to service excellence and genuine hospitality.

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"I had an unfortunate leak in my apartment. Your staff acted very quickly and helped me to minimize the damage. Incredibly helpful and professional. Many thanks for their extra effort." - Richard B. - Resident.

"I can't believe that after a long flight from New York, our concierge helped my family and I to our door with our bags. Now that's service."
- Dave - Resident

"For the first time in 6 years I sleep well at night. I can't say enough about the Samsonshield team."
- Jane - Resident

"It's like we're living at an entirely different property. Our concierge is the best. Thanks !!!!"
- Lucy and John - Residents

"We are seasoned condo dwellers. The concierge service that Samsonshield provides is truly superior. Samsonshield provides true concierge service."
- Robert S. - Resident

"When I come home from a long day at work, our concierge staff always stand up, open the door for me and greet me as if this was a high end hotel. Never have I seen this in all the condos I have visited."
- Gerry T. - Resident.

"I am writing to you to commend your employees. My husband and I are not only impressed but it is the little things that your employees do that continue to impress us. Thanks so much."
- Connie L. - Resident

"Thank you for having such a great team at our condo. You are by far the best concierge company that I have ever seen."
- Sally J. - Resident

"I have personally worked closely with the owner and team members of Samsonshield and have found the level of service has gone over and above the Corporations expectations."
- Angie D. - Senior Property Manager

"It is my pleasure to recommend Samsonshield Inc. I would rank Samsonshield Inc. as one of the best security companies we have ever had."
- Ilir D. - Senior Property Manager

"Having had the opportunity to work with and watch up code and first hand the inner workings of Samsonshield Inc., I can safely say that they are the number one concierge firm in Toronto."
- Dorian G. - Property Manager

"The timely fashion of the daily work of Samsonshield is next to none and we, along with the Board of Directors, are extremely pleased with them."
- James V. - Senior Property Manager / Regional Manager

"It is my opinion that Samsonshield Inc. would make a valuable addition to any building."
- Alex - Property Manager

"A recent survey of the residents of our condominium corporation gave Samsonshield a 98% approval rating. Well done !"
- Michael D. - Senior Property Manager

"As a high end building situated in the downtown core, there are numerous challenges to Samsonshield and I am pleased to report that they have exceeded my expectations. One of the appeals of Samsonshield is the fact that it is geared solely to condominiums. I have never had this hands on approach with any other company I have dealt with in all the years I have worked in management. "
- Glenn D., Condominium Manager

"We definitely recommend recommend Samsonshield as a reliable security company and we have absolutely no problem in stating that they are defiantly above many of the security companies in the industry."
- Jeronim D., Condominium Manager

"Having over 26 years experience as a property manager, I was very impressed with the high level of professionalism and expertise that Samsonshieldand and their staff offers, most of which I have never experienced in the past even with larger firms."
- Jennifer M., Senior Executive Property Manager

"Samsonshield's management have extensive experience in providing security services. Our level of satisfaction with Samsonshield is very high."
- May-Jo S. - President of the Board of Directors

"The Board of Directors is extremely satisfied with Samsonshield. Their professionalism and commitment is unmatched. I am confident that you will not find a finer concierge and security firm in Toronto."
- Eric B. - President of the Board Directors

"Since the arrival of Samsonshield at our condominium, we have many many compliments and testimonials. I highly recommend Samsonshield."
- Jodi - President of the Board of Directors
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Additional Information
Personalized Services
Visitor Reception
Resident Communications
and more...

Luxury Condominiums & Private Communities

Yes *  
1-3 Years
Personalized Greeting
Vehicle Management
Airport Car Service
Baggage Conveyance
Umbrella Service
and more...
Luxury Condominiums & Private Communities

Yes *
1-3 years
Access Control
Mail & Parcel Management
Patrol Services
Trade Escorts
CCTV monitoring
and more...
Luxury or High Rise Condominiums

Yes *
1-3 years
Risk Assessments
Background Screenings
Municipal & Provincial By-Law Investigations
Policy Development
and more...
Condominum Corporations
& Property Management

Not Applicable
Per engagement basis

* Additional costs and some restrictions for variations to uniforms may apply. Please speak to your Samsonshield representative for more details.
* Security Guard and Private Investigation services are provided under license from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
* All Samsonshield services are subject to contract approval and specific service conditions.
* This site and any information contained herein does not constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer.Please review our legal terms for additional information.

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