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"Current and Former Client Testimonials"

"Innovative, ‎intuitive, and ground breaking. Service excellence second to none. Samsonshield is by far the very best condominium security/concierge firms in Ontario."
Gerald Miller
Managing Partner
Gardiner, Miller, Arnold LLP

"The Board of Directors are extremely pleased with Samsonshield. Staff are extremely polite and very well trained. Their professionalism has earned them the trust of our residents."
Eric B.
Board of Directors

"One of the appeals of Samsonshield is that they geared solely to condominiums. Since Samsonshield took over our site, I am pleased to report that they have exceed my expectations."
Glenn D.
Property Manager
"Samsonshield employees are conscientious, trustworthy and professional. We definitely recommend Samsonshield because they are a reliable company rating above other security companies in the industry."
Jeri D.
Property Manager

I am a property manager with a lot of experience in downtown Toronto. Having had the opportunity to witness first hand the service of Samsonshield, I can safely say that they are number one amongst all other concierge companies. They have all the tools that I need to utilize each and every day. We regularly receive compliments from our residents. Frankly, I don't know what I would do without them."
Dorian G.
Property Manager

"I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Samsonshield. I have twenty-five years in the property management industry and never have I seen the level of service that this company delivers. Their level of service goes far beyond our community's expectations."
Angie D.
Property Manager

"Samsonshield's management have extensive experience and were instrumental in helping our condominium resolve long standing issues. The level of satisfaction is very high."
Mary-Jo S.
Board of Directors

"The timely work done by Samsonshield staff is next to none in my opinion. Myself and the Board of Directors are extremely pleased."
James V.
Property Manager

"It is the hands-on approach by the senior management of Samsonshield that sets them apart from other companies. Staff members are highly intelligent and have excellent communication skills. Samsonshield is beyond anything that I have ever experienced in the past and their service offering is one of a kind."
Ilir D.
Property Manager

"In a recent survey we conducted, our community gave Samsonshield a 98% approval rating. In my opinion, Samsonshield is outstanding."
Mike D.
Property Manager
Samsonshield is proud to be a member of the Association of Condominium Mangers of Ontario, the Canadian Condominium Institute and the Better Business Bureau

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